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"How to Spot Mr. Wrong"

     Sometimes it is a hard thing to spot the guy who is telling you nothing but lies about who he is etc., just ask Amber Frey about her experience with Scott Petersen. How can you not only tell if he might be a Mr. Wrong but if he is definitely a Mr. Wrong? In our e-book 3 Secrets to a Man's Heart three chapters address this; "Finding Mr. Right", "How to tell when he's lying to you" and "Body Language". In these three chapters you will discover tools to help ensure that you don't find yourself being drawn to a Mr. Wrong like Amber Frey was drawn to Scott Petersen.

     You need to beware of all the wolves in sheep's clothing. There are many but it may surprise you to know that there aren't as many as you may think. A lot of guys are like they are because of peer pressure in our society and is all it takes is the right techniques, which can be learnt in our e-book 3 Secrets to a Man's Heart, to bring out the real guy underneath. I think Amber Frey would have saved herself a lot of grief if she would have known these techniques. Amber Frey has now written a book of her ordeal but I wonder if she would be able to spot a Mr. Wrong.

     To be fair to both genders we should also look at how to spot Mrs. Wrong. Who is Mrs. Wrong? Is she the one who is only after a guys money? Is she the control person? Is she the one who just can't deal with truth. In our e-book 3 Secrets to a Woman's Heart mainly two chapters address this although reading the whole book will give you many insights to spotting Mrs. Wrong. The two chapters are; "How to tell when she's lying to you" and "Body Language". Something tells me we should have written a chapter entitled "Finding Mrs. Right" and maybe we will as it is just as important to find a Mrs. Right as it is to find a Mr. Right it's too bad though that most emphasis is put on Finding Mr. Right because men are more overt (open out where it can be seen) and they tend to take out their unexpressed resentment by physical force where as women will do it more covertly (more hidden, back stabbing etc.). What is that saying "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Mrs. Wrong will go around like she has been scorned and you had better look out if she gets you in her grasp.

     Special Note: Beware of the Practical Joker, although you may have to determine if they are truly a practical joker or are they being a practical joker due to Peer Pressure from a real practical joker. Look for the instigator. This does not include someone who just teases, I'm talking about the practical jokes that actually hurt people physically or emotionally. Really beware if you notice him bragging about hurting someone. Beware of the bully who some people think are strong when in actual fact they are scared people.

     Both of our books address how to spot Mr. and Mrs. Wrong! So don't get into a situation like Amber Frey did. Download our Free Trial 3 Secrets Reader complete with both e-books and read the free chapters available so that you can determine the value of our books.

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